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Departments of English

Course Prospects

English is best described as a subject which is interdisciplinary. It not only transcends the imaginary spaces between cultures but accepts without anxiety the influence of every possible intellectual tradition and response. It encourages the spirit of debate and the tradition of dialectic. The current BA (Hons) in English syllabus stresses this interdisciplinary status by incorporating literatures from other languages such as Sanskrit and Spanish and thinkers, such as Derrida and Foucault and other currents.

Faculty members of this Department have diverse specialities, from language to literature, from literary theory to translations.

Scope And Opportunities

After this course, possible avenues for students are administration, civil services, journalism, mass communication, teaching, research, creative writing etc.


Dr. G N Saibaba (Permanent)
Ph.D., MA, MPhil.
Mobile : 8527346633
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Ms. Deepti Bhardwaj (Permanent)
MA., M.Phil
Mobile : 9212132420
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Mr. Taha Yasin (Permanent)
MA., M.Phil
Mobile : 9711115081
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Dr. Prerna Malhotra (Permanent)
MA., M.Phil., Ph.D
Mobile : 9868981489
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Dr. Ritambhara Misra (Permanent)
MA, M.Phil, Ph.D
Mobile :8860255252
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Mr. Narender Kumar (Permanent) (Teacher Incharge)
MA., M.Phil
Mobile : 8826462607
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Ms. Deepshikha Kumari (Permanent)
MA, M.Phil
Mobile : 9910058782
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Dr. Urvashi Kuhad (Permanent)
Ph.D , MA., M.Phil
Mobile :
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Ms. Pragya Deshmukh(Permanent)
MA., M.Phil
Mobile : 9911220346
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Ms. Nidhi Kiran(Adhoc)
Mobile : 9015098122
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