Annual Alumni Meet on 6th April, 2019. Last Date for registration is 31st March, 2019. FDP on Writing Research Proposals and addressing IPR related issues on 29th and 30th March, 2019.Last date for registration is 25/03/2019. Certificate Course on SQL Advance Excel & R Programming from 09th March - 13th April, 2019. A Certificate Course on Cyber Forensics Organised by Department of Computer Science from 27th to 31st May, 2019 . Last Date of Registration is 20th March, 2019.

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  • Anti-Sexual Harassment committee

Code of conduct

College Timings

Classes begin at 8.00 am and end as per the time table.

Attendance and Conduct

Student are required to fulfil the minimum eligibility requirements of attendance as stipulated by the University, to be eligible to appear in the Delhi University examination. They must also have satisfied the college authorities regarding general conduct and adherence to college discipline and fulfil other relevant criteria to enable them to appear in the University Examination.


Students are advised to collect their Examination Admit Card well before the beginning of their Examination.


  • If a student is absent for four consecutive lectures and tutorials, he/she must write an application countersigned by one of the parents addressed to the Principal stating the reason for absence immediately when he/she returns to classes.
  • If a student is absent for medical reasons, he/she must write an application to this effect and produce a medical certificate immediately when he/she joins the College. These applications and medical certificate must be submitted to the College office. Application at the end of the term shall not be entertained.
  • Students short of required attendance will be detained from appearing in the End Semester Examination.

Identity Card

Students must carry their Identity Card to the college everyday. They must produce the same whenever required to do so.

Notice Board

Students are advised to check the Notice Board regularly.

Order and Silence

Students should not loiter in the corridors or talk loudly in the College premises.

Mobile Phones

Students must refrain from using cell phones in the College premises. However, in the case of an emergency, cell phones may be used but must always be kept on the silent mode. Disciplinary action will be taken for any violation. Playing music on cell phone or any other device will attract disciplinary action.


The College is strictly a smoke free zone. Any act of violation will be penalized.


College premises including the lawns must be kept clean. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who deface or spoil the College property


Outsiders are not allowed to enter the College premises. In case such visits are essential, they must seek prior permission of the Principal.


Students are not permitted to receive or entertain visitors in the College. In case of an extreme urgency, only parents/guardian may approach the Administrative Officer or the Section Officer (Admn).


Students are not allowed to bring their vehicles inside the college premises.

Note :

Non-observance/violation of any of these rules will be treated as an act of indiscipline and necessary action will follow. The discipline Committee of the College may impose fine or in cases of gross indiscipline expel/rusticate a student.