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Yoga and Meditation Committee

Yoga and meditation committee, Ram LalAnand College organized a 3-Day Workshop on yoga from 19th - 21st June, 2017 and celebrated 3rd International Yoga Day. Students(including NCC cadets), teachers and non-teaching staff participated in large numbers on all the three days. On an average 60 participants attended 3-Day Yoga Workshop. Workshop included screening of CYP 2017 CD issued by ministry of AYUSH, interactive lecture session on Yoga, live demonstration by expert yoga instructor Mr. Deepak Saini and his colleagues and mass yoga by participants.

Students also participated in various yoga competitions. Like they attended a state level yoga competition on 2nd September. 3 teams participated in 3 different 3 events Rhythmic Pair, Artistic Pair and Free Flow Yoga Dance.A total ofeight students participated in the competition. The college also appointed an instructor Mr. Ravi to train the students for the competition.

Yoga and meditation committee of Ram Lal Anand College organized a 1-Day Workshop onMind Management” on 22ndSeptember, 2017. The speaker Mrs. Pink Malhotra and Mr. Shammi Malhotra are advanced instructors with Art of Living. They disseminated important information about meditation to the students. They also sorted out many practical daily life problems like Mental stress and pressure, negativity, key to success in life and many other such problems. Lot of stress was given to practical applicability of meditation. All the participants including students and teachers did Bhastrika Pranayam and meditation. The outcome of this workshop was very satisfying, encouraging and impressive this was obvious because students actively participated in group discussion on various problems asked frequent questions which were boring tackled artfully by the speakers. Principal Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta was present throughout the session and actively participated in all the activities. 34 students and 15 teachers attended the session. The feedback form filled up by the students at the end of the workshop also indicates that the students thoroughly enjoyed the session, some even suggested that the duration and frequency of such workshops should be increased substantially.

Another three-week workshop wasorganised from 23rd October to 10 November 2017. On an average 15 students attended the workshop daily.Students gradually learned a number of asanas like Suryanamskar, Taadasan, Virikshasan, Padhatanasan, Vajrasan, Bhadrasan, Ushtrasan, Shashankasan, Halasan to name a few. Pranayam like Anulom-Vilom, Shitali, Brahmari pranayama. They also learned meditation. These yoga classes were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. They showed their keenness to attend such classes in future as well.

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Yoga Competition

A yogasana competition was held on 12th February 2018. Eight asanas were given to students out of which they had to perform four. These asanas were divided into three categories A, B and C and students had to perform two from category A and one each from category B and C. Eleven students participated in the competition. Ms. Shashiprabha Kumari of B.Sc. (hons.) Microbiology 2nd year won first prize and Mr. Krishanendu of B.Sc. (hons.) Microbiology Ist year won second prize. An essay writing competition was also organized on the same day. They were give four topics namely (i) "Suryanamaskar for sanctification of body and spoul, (ii) Yoga for integration of mind body and soul, (iii) Yoga and Youth and (iv) Relevance of Yoga in today's world. Seventeenstudents participated in essay writing competition. Seventeen students participated in the above competition. First prize was Mr. Pawan from B.A.(Hons) Hindi Ist Year and second prize was won by Ms. Tanika Bisht B.Sc. (Hons) Statistics Ist year.

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