Annual Alumni Meet on 6th April, 2019. Last Date for registration is 31st March, 2019.
FDP on Writing Research Proposals and addressing IPR related issues on 29th and 30th March, 2019.Last date for registration is 25/03/2019.
Certificate Course on SQL Advance Excel & R Programming from 09th March - 13th April, 2019.
FDP on Quality Assurance in HEI's jointly organized by Ram Lal Anand College and Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, from 15-19 March, 2019
A Certificate Course on Cyber Forensics Organised by Department of Computer Science from 27th to 31st May, 2019 . Last Date of Registration is 20th March, 2019.

Hasratein Dramatics Society


Ramlal Anand College is one of the eminent Theatre societies of Delhi University. Hasratein was established in October 2009 , and is the oldest society of Ram Lal Anand College . Over the 9 years it has aged with landmark achievements, and various theatrical productions .


Its productions have been performed on national forums and prestigious avenues like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati and National School Of Drama's Bharat Rang Mahotsav , It secured 1st position for its street play production "Pehchan" at IIT Kharagpur. In it's successive years, stage productions like Zindagi Countdown 3 2 1 , Lakeer , A Clown Story, No man's Land, DNA and Party in a Cave received appreciations from both audience and jury for their artistic depictions and unique concepts. Its street productions include Talab, Pehchan , Deergh Aayu Bhava, Mitti Ka Putla , Colours Of India , Tamasha-e-Sudhaar , Sawarana- Yug and Aslam Bhaiya Gorakhpur ke , Street plays by Hasratein deal with day to day issues which are diluted in the Indian society but are important to be addressed. Its production Sawarn-Yug was recognised globally by a french documentary director. Sawarna Yug was acclaimed as a successful play in its various Public performances under the banner of Ateliers theater festival at Studio Safdar in shadipur and at a public performance at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Hasratein has been actively performing on the state forum like Sahitya Kala Parishad and was selected by the jury for both its state and street production. It secured 3rd position consecutively for a play it performed for CONCOR corporation of india showcasing its firm stand on Corruption in Indian Political system and a play for Organ Donation awareness conducted by NOTTO. It also recieved immense admiration for spreading awareness about Mental Illness through the creatives means of Shadow Puppetry . Hasratein has performed at almost every intercollege cultural fest of Delhi University and has brought glory to college by receiving various awards as token of appreciation.


Hasratein acts as a platform for those who wish to explore the enlightening world of theatre in either of its forms, stage and street. It strives to encourage Theatre in college, Nukkads , bastis and streets of Delhi as well as nation. It believes in the famous Quotation by Bretolt Brecht that- " Art is not a mirror held up to reality,but a hammer with which to shape". Hasratein strongly believes in the idea that theater doesn't change the world , it changes people and people together change the world.


Hasratein conducts auditions annually to recruit theater enthusiasts from the college in the month of August . It annually works on two main productions one Stage and one Street along with various other small productions .

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