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Department Of Statistics

Course Prospects

The Department of Statistics in Ram Lal Anand College was established in 1991. Statistics is a subject which finds its applications in different walks of life, keeping this in mind course content of B.Sc. (H) Statistic, speaks volumes about it. It has a right combination of all the four mathematical science (Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Operations research) courses. This helps our students to diversify in their field of interest after graduation. Along with this students are equipped with skill enhancement courses like Research methodology, Statistical packages and R language. This enhances theoretical rigor with technical skills which enable them

Scope And Opportunities

Statistics is an important subject which has a wide application in every field of academic disciplines such as Medicine, Psychology, Education, Sociology, Economics, Actuaries, Data science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering to name a few. Students can pursue Post Graduation in Statistics from DU, IASRI, ISI, IIT, BHU, Chandigarh Univ. and many more; PG in Data Science, Financial Statistics, Operations Research and Applied Operations Research, Economics, MCA and MBA which are popular courses offered by both govt. as well as private institutes/universities across the country as well as abroad. There are job prospects in teaching, govt. Service, Industries, Commerce, Data Processing Research and Testing, Investment Banking, Banks and Insurance Sectors. Students can get placed as Statistical Investigator in CSO and NSSO or as Research Personnel, Investigator in govt. organizations such as NCAER, IAMR, ICMR, Statistical and Economic Bureau & various PSUs., Market Research, Actuarial Sciences, Demography, Data analyst: Stock Brokers, Sports Analyst, Poll Analyst, Business Analyst and Financial Analyst etc.

We can boast of our students who are well placed on high designations in private, public as well as govt. sector in India and abroad in wide fields of Investment Banking, Law, Management, Analyst, IT, Banking, Research, Education, ISS, IAS and so on.


The department has two independent state of the art statistics and computer laboratories exclusively for the students of the statistics to enable them to work as per their requiremen


The department has highly qualified experienced young faculty which always strive to learn new things to fulfill the demand of the hour. Through its sheer hard work and dedication the department has always motivated the students to develop a passion for the subject and learn the finer nuances of the subject. This strong inter personal communication and mentorship of the students has resulted in our students performing better in the college than school. The faculty is also engaged in projects where the meritorious departmental students get the opportunity to have in house research/internship experiences.

Dr. Seema Gupta
PhD. , MPhil , MA
Mobile: 9891664133
E-mail : seemag_66@yahoo.com View Profile
Dr. Mukta Datta Mazumdar
PhD., MPhil, MSc,
Mobile: 9811179891
E-mail : munroy2003@yahoo.com View Profile
Mr. Rajesh Sachdev
MPhil., MSc
Mobile: 9911824474
E-mail : sachdevrajesh@gmail.com View Profile
Mrs. Seema Joshi
MPhil. , MA
Mobile: 9868814825
E-mail : s_joshi12@yahoo.com View Profile
Dr. Neena Mital (Teacher Incharge)
PhD. , MPhil , MA
Mobile: 9873229919
E-mail : n_mital@yahoo.com View Profile
Dr. Rita Jain
PhD. , MPhil , MA
Mobile: 9891491019
E-mail : rita_jain7@yahoo.cm View Profile

Mr. Kuldeep Singh Chauhan
P.hd ,M.Phil
Mobile: 9953197951
E-mail: kldp01singh@gmail.com View Profile

Dr. Vinay kumar
Ph.D. ,M.Sc.
Mobile: 9896221071
E-mail: vinay.stat@gmail.com View Profile